Het vermoeden bestond er altijd al, maar de tijd is gekomen om er geen doekjes meer om te winden, Ron Paul is een satanist. Dit geldt ook voor de rest van de kandidaten waar je in de USA op kunt stemmen. Er is geen keus, je stem gaat in alle gevallen naar de satanische onderdrukker, linksom of rechtsom, zij tellen de stemmen, zij bepalen de satanische uitslag. De president van Iran is een satanist, idem voor Rusland, idem voor Nederland (de video van Satan in ’t Torentje), eigenlijk idem voor alle landen. Het is een groot toneelspel, waarbij u en ik de onwetende figuranten zijn. Het gaat ze om ons, wij moeten door middel van gespeelde bloedofferende toneelstukken gaan geloven dat Lucifer de enige uitweg is, zodat u “vrijwillig” toegeeft aan 100% slavernij van uzelf en uw familie. Het is een grote fake show. Blijf in je eigen kracht staan mensen en laat niemand anders voor jou beslissen, beslis voor jezelf en laat je leiden door je hart. Na onderstaande video weet u namelijk waarom. (Alex Jones is trouwens een PSY OP, zoals Bill Cooper ons al vele jaren geleden liet weten).

Hieronder nog een aanvulling (in het Engels) van de maker van bovenstaande video, er staan zeer interessante links en andere video’s tussen. Veel succes met wakker worden lieve mensen, ken je vijand.

RED ALERT Media Ignoring Biggest Revolution in History
RED ALERT Cannabis Activism Hijacked and Infiltrated
Ron Paul New World Order Single Worldwide Currency

Ron Paul is a tool of the Illuminati. Don’t tell me you didn’t know that. The Illuminati ALWAYS control both sides of the coin. It’s called Hegelian dialectic. Controlled opposition are preventing any real movement for justice or eco-peace from developing, Disinformation serves the elite keeping the? masses ignorant of truth and preventing the target audience from reaching accurate conclusions. Fear is used to control the masses.

Be your own leader. Do your own Research. Ron Paul wrote a book called The Case for Gold with Lewis Lehrman. Lew is a papal knight (Sovereign Military Order of Malta) Lew was on the board of directors of The Project for a New American Century. Lewis Lehrman is a member of the CFR and The Council for National Policy. The CNP consists of powerful individuals in the military industrial complex (Black Water aka Xe) banking cartels, multi-national corporations, previous presidents/presidential candidates, Prime Minister of Canada, Evangelical Christian Zionists, Scientology, Mormons and a lot of the guests Alex Jones has on his radio “program” on a regular basis. Meaning that, it is behind the phony patriot movement, tea party, libertarians and other types of activism.

We need repeal of an unconstitutional laws. The prohibition against marijuana was unconstitutional from its inception. Why is legalizing and limiting our ability to grow Hemp more popular than repealing the law to make it null and void so we are free to grow as many plants as we want? Legalization sounds like the corporate takeover of the cannabis industry via government legislation (over-taxation, over-regulation and over-control)

If ron paul is so good for the people, why do they need to be manipulated and coerced through the entire thing and why the fear of me creating this video? Why are people telling me to take my videos down? Diebold sells computer voting machines they had Republican conflict of interest during the 2 term voting Fraud of George Bush. Ron Paul Admits he is running the same platform George Bush used to win in 2000!

Don’t believe me watch my free documentary World Government Election Fraud 2012

Ron Paul is spreading disinformation mixed with truth about Hemp, also known as cannabis, marijuana, there are so many terms to describe the Hemp plant. The government repeals other laws, there are plenty of laws to repeal because they do more damage than the reasoning for the law. Repealing makes a law null and void. Ron Paul was one of Ronald Reagan’s earliest supporters.

Legalization sounds like the corporate takeover of the cannabis industry via government legislation (over-taxation, over-regulation and over-control)

Legalized Medicinal marijuana is a scam because it discriminates and limits the public’s access to this harmless medicine that saves lives. Nobody dies or suffers injury from THC.
At my blog post above I go through a bill ron paul co-sponsored which still isn’t ending prohibition

I want to be able to grow my own organic food, medicine, clean energy/fuel, fiber without being bullied by corrupt authorities just to growing a limited amount of plants! Why is anyone wanting to limit a plant safer than drinking water? Nobody dies from Hemp.…

Rudolph Diesel who made the diesel engine to run on hemp fuel was found swimming with the fishes! Wide use of Rudolph Diesel’s engine would have made petroleum-based fuel obsolete. The idea was destroyed by marijuana prohibition after Rudolph Diesel’s death.

Hemp Fuel can make America, and the world Energy Independent THIS YEAR

In the 1930?s, hemp was stigmatized in a smear campaign by the petroleum, tobacco, alcohol, pharmaceutical, paper industries to insure against the competition of hemp fuel and safe, non-addicting and biodegradable products. The blind prejudice remains. If we and the other animals on the planet are to survive, we must see through this ignorance and correct the problem.

I used clips from the video “Ron Paul – Tool of the Illuminati”

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